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......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ defaultContentLanguage: en
# What is the hostname or path to the root?
# Where is the site hosted?
# 💥 cState & Hugo don’t support / in
# 💥 cState & Hugo don’t support '/' in
# production use. It will break RSS
# feeds and breaks permalinks since
# version 3. If you are just testing,
......@@ -179,19 +179,20 @@ params:
incidentPostsPerPage: 10
# Colors throughout cState
# HEX codes without the #
# Defaults:
# brand: #181818
# ok: 228B22
# warning: EE7600
# down: DC143C
# notice: 708090
brand: 181818
ok: 228B22
disrupted: EE7600
down: DC143C
notice: 708090
# brand: "0a0c0f"
# ok: "008000"
# disrupted: "cc4400"
# down: "e60000"
# notice: "24478f"
brand: "0a0c0f"
ok: "008000"
disrupted: "cc4400"
down: "e60000"
notice: "24478f"
# If the status page shows that
# there are disruptions or outages
If you plan to have an empty issues list, then please keep this file to prevent build failure.
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ date: 2018-05-25 04:13:00
resolved: true
resolvedWhen: 2018-05-25 04:13:59
# Possible severity levels: down, disrupted, notice
severity: disrupted
severity: down
- Media Proxy
......@@ -2,9 +2,8 @@
title: Maintenance Window
date: 2018-06-13 15:54:00
resolved: false
resolvedWhen: 2018-06-13 17:30:00
# Possible severity levels: down, disrupted, notice
severity: notice
severity: disrupted
section: issue
title: Example Page
description: This is an example page that demonstrates the capabilities of a Markdown page in cState.
Title here!
This is an example page that demonstrates the capabilities of a Markdown page in cState.
You can use HTML if the file extension is `.html`, but this one is `.md`.
Let us dive in.
Paragraphs are separated by a blank line.
2nd paragraph. *Italic*, **bold**, and `monospace`. Itemized lists
look like:
* this one
* that one
* the other one
Note that --- not considering the asterisk --- the actual text
content starts at 4-columns in.
> Block quotes are
> written like so.
> They can span multiple paragraphs,
> if you like.
Use 3 dashes for an em-dash. Use 2 dashes for ranges (ex., "it's all
in chapters 12--14"). Three dots ... will be converted to an ellipsis.
Unicode is supported. ☺
An h2 header
Here's a numbered list:
1. first item
2. second item
3. third item
Note again how the actual text starts at 4 columns in (4 characters
from the left side). Here's a code sample:
# Let me re-iterate ...
for i in 1 .. 10 { do-something(i) }
As you probably guessed, indented 4 spaces. By the way, instead of
indenting the block, you can use delimited blocks, if you like:
define foobar() {
print "Welcome to flavor country!";
(which makes copying & pasting easier). You can optionally mark the
delimited block for Pandoc to syntax highlight it:
import time
# Quick, count to ten!
for i in range(10):
# (but not *too* quick)
### An h3 header ###
Now a nested list:
1. First, get these ingredients:
* carrots
* celery
* lentils
2. Boil some water.
3. Dump everything in the pot and follow
this algorithm:
find wooden spoon
uncover pot
cover pot
balance wooden spoon precariously on pot handle
wait 10 minutes
goto first step (or shut off burner when done)
Do not bump wooden spoon or it will fall.
Notice again how text always lines up on 4-space indents (including
that last line which continues item 3 above).
Here's a link to [a website](, to a [local
doc](local-doc.html), and to a [section heading in the current
doc](#an-h2-header). Here's a footnote [^1].
[^1]: Some footnote text.
Tables can look like this:
Name Size Material Color
All Business 9 leather brown
Roundabout 10 hemp canvas natural
Cinderella 11 glass transparent
Table: Shoes sizes, materials, and colors.
(The above is the caption for the table.) Pandoc also supports
multi-line tables:
-------- -----------------------
Keyword Text
-------- -----------------------
red Sunsets, apples, and
other red or reddish
green Leaves, grass, frogs
and other things it's
not easy being.
-------- -----------------------
A horizontal rule follows.
Here's a definition list:
: Good for making applesauce.
: Citrus!
: There's no "e" in tomatoe.
Again, text is indented 4 spaces. (Put a blank line between each
term and its definition to spread things out more.)
Here's a "line block" (note how whitespace is honored):
| Line one
| Line too
| Line tree
and images can be specified like so:
![example image]( "An exemplary image")
Inline math equation: $\omega = d\phi / dt$. Display
math should get its own line like so:
$$I = \int \rho R^{2} dV$$
And note that you can backslash-escape any punctuation characters
which you wish to be displayed literally, ex.: \`foo\`, \*bar\*, etc.
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -11,4 +11,7 @@
NODE_ENV = "production"
command = "hugo"
command = "hugo -b $DEPLOY_PRIME_URL"
command = "hugo -b $DEPLOY_PRIME_URL"
\ No newline at end of file
<h2>[cState Admin] <br> An email change has been requested.</h2>
<p>Follow this link to confirm the update of your email from <strong>{{ .Email }}</strong> to <strong>{{ .NewEmail }}</strong>:</p>
<p><a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/admin/#email_change_token={{ .Token }}">Make it <em>{{ .NewEmail }}</em></a></p>
\ No newline at end of file
<h2>[cState Admin] <br> Confirm your signup, please.</h2>
<p>Follow this link to confirm your account:</p>
<p><a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/admin/#confirmation_token={{ .Token }}">Yes, confirm this email</a></p>
<h2>[cState Admin] <br> You have been invited!</h2>
<p>You have been invited to create a user profile on {{ .SiteURL }}. Follow this link to accept the invite:</p>
<p><a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/admin/#invite_token={{ .Token }}">Accept the invite</a></p>
<h2>[cState Admin] <br> A password reset has been requested.</h2>
<p>Follow this link to reset the password for your account:</p>
<p><a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/admin/#recovery_token={{ .Token }}">Recover my access</a></p>
<p>Note: If you did not request a password change, you do not need to do anything. It may mean someone else is trying to log into your account.</p>
\ No newline at end of file
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