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delete ~Stale removal action

This would cancel out the ~Stale label addition, because then the next
time the bot runs it would cound that as activity and delete the

An example of this is visible here:

team#40409 (comment 2763207)

We would need some custom code to check the author of the action and
ignore the triage bot. I can't be bothered to write some Ruby right
now, so this is the simpler way.
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...@@ -23,22 +23,6 @@ resource_rules: ...@@ -23,22 +23,6 @@ resource_rules:
will be moved to the ~Icebox. will be moved to the ~Icebox.
labels: labels:
- Stale - Stale
- name: remove stale label on active needs information issues
attribute: updated_at
condition: newer_than
interval_type: days
interval: 14
state: opened
- Needs Information
- Stale
most_recent: 5
- Stale
- name: Freeze ancient needs information issues - name: Freeze ancient needs information issues
conditions: conditions:
date: date:
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