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#Open Research Questions
*Usability, User Experience and User Interface *
# Open Research Questions
**Usability, User Experience and User Interface**
##Network Level
## Network Level
- How to measure perceived performance without compromising users' privacy?
- How to improve exit relay IP reputation to reduce friction while browsing (e.g., Captchas)?
##Client Level - Browser
## Client Level - Browser
- How to measure websites breakage without compromising users' safety?
- How to improve user understanding between new tab, new circuit, and new identity?
- How to improve user experience on exiting in random languages?
- What is the best way to show users their fingerprint status?
##Client Level - Tor Tunnel
## Client Level - Tor Tunnel
- What is the best interface for a desktop tunneling app?
- What is the most effective way to explain users' trade-offs between client vs. network safety measures?
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