Commit d47c1cb4 authored by Jérôme Charaoui's avatar Jérôme Charaoui
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Attempt to adjust URLs in imported comments for staging

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......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ pages:
- 'sed -i "s|^url = .*|url = ${CI_PAGES_URL}|" tpo-blog.lektorproject'
- 'sed -i "/_html_body:/,/---/!b;s|src=\"/static|src=\"/web/blog/static|g" content/blog/*/'
- 'sed -i "/_comments:/,/---/!b;s|href=\"https://blog\.torproject\.org|href=\"${CI_PAGES_URL}|g" content/blog/*/'
- lektor build --output-path public
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