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See our [Getting Started]( document for more information.
Once you have completed the above tasks, you may wish to move on to the following initial tasks for the project.
### Initial Tasks
* [Use Authority Addresses for Socket-Based Address Detection](
* [Add IPv6 Support to is_local_addr()](
* [Add a BandwidthStatistics option](
* [Close Existing Connections Before Testing Reachability](
* [Add unit tests or chutney tests for IPv6Traffic](
### Main Tasks
* [Add IPv6 Support to AuthDirMaxServersPerAddr](
* [Use Authenticated NETINFO Cells to Discover Relay IP Addresses](
* [Chutney tests for IPv6-only bridge clients](
* [IPv6 Exits succeed on Travis Linux, but Travis Linux doesn't support IPv6](
### Stretch Goals
* [Close Existing Connections Before Testing Reachability](
* [Use Add IPv6 DNS Support via the Libevent DNS API](
* [Discovered Addresses as the Default OutboundBindAddress](
* [Make chutney check for relay microdescriptors before verifying](
* [chutney doesn't verify using IPv6 addresses](
## Links/Resources
### Technical Proposals
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