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Following our Relay Guide, the ideal monthly Outbound Traffic is 2 TB and not 20 TB

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It is required that a Tor relay be allowed to use a minimum of 100 GByte of outbound traffic (and the same amount of incoming traffic) per month.
Note: That is only about 1 day worth of traffic on a 10 Mbit/s (Mbps) connection.
More (>2 TB/month) is better and recommended.
**Ideally a relay runs on an unmetered plan** or includes 20 TB/month or more.
**Ideally a relay runs on an unmetered plan** or includes 2 TB/month or more.
If you have a metered plan you might want to configure tor to only use a given amount of [bandwidth or monthly traffic](FIXME).
# Public IPv4 Address
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