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difficulty: Medium
......@@ -32,30 +32,50 @@ Tor helps people stay safe on the internet, by keeping their internet use secure
Students may choose to focus on designing and implementing core features, tor relay testing, reporting statistics, or diagnosing and fixing bugs.
The Tor Project will be improving tor relay IPv6 support in 2020.
Students may choose to focus on:
* designing and implementing tor relay IPv6 features,
* tor relay IPv6 testing, or
* diagnosing and fixing bugs in tor's IPv6 code.
## Prerequisites
* Network configuration skills
* Basic understanding of Internet Protocol (IP) versions
* Basic understanding of IPv4 and IPv6
* Experience testing network software
* Experience running Internet-connected servers
## Programming skills needed:
* C coding
* Building Unix-based (Linux, *BSD, macOS) software
* Experience with Unix network programming
* Python coding (for testing)
* Access to a server with public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (to run a test relay)
## Links/Resources
### Technical Proposals
Tor Relay IPv6 Reachability
## Programming skills needed:
Tor Relay Automatic IPv6 Address Discovery
* C coding
* Building Unix-based software
### Relay Operator Guides
Tor Relay Guide: IPv6
### Roadmaps
* Experience with network programming
Tor IPv6 Roadmap
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