Commit aa59a59d authored by Antonela's avatar Antonela
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homepage: render img based on section_id

parent 9825e82b
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
<h2 class="card-title ">{{ child.title }}</h2>
<p class="card-text">{{ child.subtitle }}</p>
<div class="illo-container">
<img src="{{ '/static/images/home/png/localization.png'|asseturl }}" class="img-fluid" alt="{{ _("Localization") }}" />
<img src="/static/images/home/png/{{ child.section_id }}.png" class="img-fluid" alt="{{ child.section }}" />
<a href="{{ child.path|url }}" class="btn btn-primary">{{ child.cta }}</a>
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