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title: Organize a Tor meetup
subtitle: Learn how to organize a Tor meetup with your friends.
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Organized by the community, meetups are a great way to find and strengthen the privacy supporters community in your local area.
### Step 1
Connect with a local space that will allow you to meet for an hour or two.
A public library, a social center, a hackerspace or a room in a university are some spaces that you can usually host your event.
### Step 2
Choose a date and time that is convenient for your group and the local space.
On weekends or during week days, after working hours (7 pm) might be better.
After confirming a local and date, create a poster and an online invitation to spread the event.
### Step 3
Find a meetup facilitator and draft an agenda, for example, question & answer about Tor, how to setup relays.
Read and follow our [best practices](
### Step 4
Before the meetup, organize the space. Buy some chips and snacks, hang some [posters]( nearby the local, so people can find easily.
If you have some printed materials and/or Tor swag, put it on a table.
### Step 5
Load your presentation and wait a few minutes to people arrive.
During the activity take notes about questions, how many knew about Tor before, how many are relay operators, etc
### Step 6
After the meetup, clean up the space, remove the posters and upload your notes to [Tor Community Team]( mailing list.
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