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Add advanced usage instructions for obfs4 docker

We just merged a contribution that allows users to specify arbitrary
torrc options for their docker-based obfs4 bridge. This adds
instructions for how to configure a bridge with these options and a link
to an example .env file.
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......@@ -73,6 +73,17 @@ obfs4 B0E566C9031657EA7ED3FC9D248E8AC4F37635A4 cert=OYWq67L7MDApdJC
Make sure to check out the [post-install notes](
If you are having trouble setting up your bridge, have a look at [our help section](
### 4. Advanced usage
You may set additional torrc variables in your `.env` file by setting `OBFS4_ENABLE_ADDITIONAL_VARIABLES` to 1 and prefixing the desired torrc options with `OBFS4V_`. For example, to set the `AddressDisableIPv6` option, include the following lines in your `.env`:
You may [download our template .env]( to get started.
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