Commit 1967f91b authored by peterh-gr's avatar peterh-gr
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Updated URLs to use new name for donate site

We are going to be using for the backend
part of the donate site.
parent 16ceec60
paypalClientId = AbzwWJgUgwGMvTupfvigx1yAj75jNnCj4mFGC_VbiROUi2TfVwPS9IZ5MfqLsSUnXJFSMwaSaTR4FY_A
stripePublishableKey = pk_live_ZJWMhGlkSwhrqFlHisMRAADt
donateProccessorBaseUrl =
donateProccessorBaseUrl =
paypalClientId = AZc7yGlGGXnOjwt55x4wRGbWHo7Fdj83JAu0lqYruVWVoYa7JfQhy5F_ucy2mR6CjPmpmJwmtHONjTeB
stripePublishableKey = pk_test_FaN3MBbuh3gJdCPX1DFBaS0z
donateProccessorBaseUrl =
donateProccessorBaseUrl =
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