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Separated JS build from lektor build

Hiro is having problems getting the build machine to work with node
and/or yard, so this sets things up so we can build the JS on dev
machines and check that in and then have the lektor build just use the
JS from the repository instead of trying to build it on the build
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......@@ -85,6 +85,3 @@ company-statistics-cache.el
# anaconda-mode
# parcel
......@@ -46,7 +46,11 @@ You can click ```Edit this page``` and submit your content changes in a [Pull Re
To run a local continuous builder: ```$ LEKTOR_ENV=dev lektor server -f npm```
To just build the website once: ```$ LEKTOR_ENV=prod lektor build -f npm -O <folder>```
To build the JS before commiting changes to the JS: ```$ cd parcel && yarn build```
That will build the JS into assets/static/gen which should be commited to the repository and will be used for the build of the static website.
To just build the website once: ```$ LEKTOR_ENV=prod lektor build -O <folder>```
#### How to develop on the website
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"systemParams": "linux-x64-72",
"systemParams": "linux-x64-64",
"modulesFolders": [
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