Commit 9aebaac0 authored by peterh-gr's avatar peterh-gr
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Corrected Stripe key for staging

The uses the test key in the
"" account, not the test key in the "Tor Project
Donations" account (which is the account they use for real donations)
for some reason.
parent b4cc07b1
......@@ -5,5 +5,5 @@ donateProccessorBaseUrl =
paypalClientId = AZc7yGlGGXnOjwt55x4wRGbWHo7Fdj83JAu0lqYruVWVoYa7JfQhy5F_ucy2mR6CjPmpmJwmtHONjTeB
stripePublishableKey = pk_test_80ln4cUc48gRoPbB1SRPeSJr
stripePublishableKey = pk_test_FaN3MBbuh3gJdCPX1DFBaS0z
donateProccessorBaseUrl =
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