Commit 83db20ae authored by Stephanie Kirtiadi's avatar Stephanie Kirtiadi
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Change the machine name of header image on donate pages.

As per code review feedback to remove confusion.

Issue #48275
parent 3e7019ee
......@@ -10,11 +10,11 @@
<div class="container bg-dark pt-5">
{% endif %}
<div class="row">
{% if this.html == 'donate-form.html' and this.image|length %}
{% if this.html == 'donate-form.html' and this.header_image|length %}
<div class="col-12 content-center pt-5 donate-has-image">
<div class="row pb-5">
<h2 class="mx-auto display-3 text-white text-capitalize donate-title">{{ this.title }}</h2>
<img src="{{ this.image }}" class="donate-header-image" />
<img src="{{ this.header_image }}" class="donate-header-image" />
{% else %}
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