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Tor relays report their own bandwidth based on the traffic they have sent and received. But this reported bandwidth is not verified by other relays. Bandwidth scanners help verify relay bandwidths. They also provide some initial traffic to new relays, so those relays can report a useful amount of bandwidth.
Learn more about our bandwidth scanners, recent updates to them, and how we'd like them to improve.
## Collecting, Aggregating, and Presenting Data from The Tor Network ##
......@@ -38,14 +39,18 @@ Tor Metrics is the central mechanism that the Tor Project uses to evaluate the f
## New Releases ##
This is the first release candidate in its series; it fixes several bugs from earlier versions, including some that had affected stability, and one that prevented relays from working with NSS. Full changelog:
## Upcoming Events with Tor ##
CryptoRave. S\'e3o Paulo, Brazil. 3-4 May, 2019.
CryptoRave. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 3-4 May, 2019.
RightsCon. Tunis, Tunisia. 11-14 June, 2019.
PETS. Stockholm, Sweden. 16-20 July, 2019.
## Join Our Community ##
Getting involved with Tor is easy. Run a relay to make the network faster and more decentralized:
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