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Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Sponsor 103
    Collaborative ResistancE to Web Surveillance
    The Tor Project
  • Sponsor 28
    Resilient Anonymous Communication for Everyone
    The Tor Project
  • Sponsor 30
    Empower human rights defenders in the Global South
    The Tor Project
  • Sponsor 61
    Scalability - Making the Tor network faster & more reliable for users in Internet-repressive places
    The Tor Project
  • Sponsor 9
    Usability and Community Intervention on Support for Democracy and Human Rights
    The Tor Project
  • Sponsor 91
    Debugging Tor network for iOS browser
    The Tor Project
  • Task
    The Tor Project
  • UX
    It needs UX work
    The Tor Project
  • Unblock Tor
    Label to mark any issue opened about sites blocking or not working with Tor
    The Tor Project
  • User Feedback
    Any issue that is feedback from users
    The Tor Project
  • Volunteers
    Good ticket for a volunteer to take on
    The Tor Project / Web