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......@@ -51,10 +51,11 @@ the Tor process or to instruct it to perform tasks.
Android app.
## Parsing Libraries
## Descriptor Libraries
The following libraries help you with parsing Tor network data, either from a
directory authority or the
The following libraries help you with parsing and generating Tor network
related data formats. Descriptors may be obtained either from a directory
authority, directory cache, local client or the
[CollecTor]( service:
* [Tor Metrics Library]( is a
......@@ -63,5 +64,8 @@ directory authority or the
* [Stem]( is a Python library that includes
parsers for Tor-specific data formats.
* [leekspin]( is a tool for
generating mock Onion Router (OR) descriptors such as those used by relays,
bridges, and onion services.
* [Zoossh]( is a parser written in Go
for Tor-specific data formats.
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