Commit d1653a0f authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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add four more people to the safety board

(actually they were added some months ago, and this commit makes the
website up to date.)
parent 91bfcb4d
......@@ -143,16 +143,20 @@ We are publishing safety board cases in this section, to help you craft your own
The current members of the board are:
* Cecylia Bocovich
* George Danezis
* Roger Dingledine
* Tariq Elahi
* Ian Goldberg
* Rob Jansen
* Aaron Johnson
* Chelsea Komlo
* Damon McCoy
* Wendy Seltzer
* Micah Sherr
* Paul Syverson
* T Wilson-Brown
* Philipp Winter
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