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      update README to point to GitLab instead of jenkins · adf8c4ee
      anarcat authored
      I grepped around and couldn't find instances of gitolite anywhere, so
      I guess this should:
      Closes: #40004
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      regroup variables on top · 492a4aa5
      anarcat authored
      This makes it more obvious what this will do, and sort of hide the
      boilerplate below.
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      Merge branch 'pages-test' into 'main' · 0237660b
      anarcat authored
      fix hugo build
      See merge request !1
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      document gitlab SNAFU · 3edd5b45
      anarcat authored
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      Revert "try to skip a build step" · 635d71fb
      anarcat authored
      This doesn't work: pages runs in parallel with the build stage (!) and
      fails to find its artifacts. Go figure.
      This reverts commit b9fafbec.
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      try to skip a build step · b9fafbec
      anarcat authored
      In theory, this should reuse the artifacts from the build stage, but I
      don't remember if I made this work before
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      switch to Debian, the klakegg images are failing us · 984d6f16
      anarcat authored
      Specifically because the entrypoint of those images is hardcoded to
      `hugo`, which makes CI fail with:
          Error: unknown command "sh" for "hugo"
          Run 'hugo --help' for usage.
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      use an even older hugo version · bbbc46ab
      anarcat authored
      The newer version still fails, this time with:
          Error: Error building site: process: readAndProcessContent: open /src/research/public/_index.html: no such file or directory
      According to @irl, this broke in a newer hugo version which broke
      everyone's themes.
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      upgrade hugo to try to fix build · e4720d9b
      anarcat authored
      I was able to reproduce the problem with an older hugo (the one
      specified by status.tpo) locally, and fix it with this image, which is
      the same version as the one shipped in Debian bullseye.
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      test commit to trigger the pipeline · f500fca7
      anarcat authored
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      deploy research.tpo from GitLab CI · cc9f3d7b
      anarcat authored
      This reuses the code from status.torproject.org, for now: we'll
      eventually move this to a template project (or system-wide templates)
      but I just want to get this out the door for now.
      This has not been tested outside of status.torproject.org, so it might
      not quite work yet. GitLab doesn't have privileges to push to the
      actual server yet, so this shouldn't affect production until the SSH
      key is added to the project.
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