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Clarify supported architectures

I tried to follow the documentation to install the latest Tor on Raspbian and I hit a wall. It should be made clear on the document so people can avoid repeating my mistake.
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......@@ -14,6 +14,18 @@ Here's how you can enable Tor Package Repository in Debian based distributions:
> **Note:** The symbol # refers to running the code as root. This means you should have access to a user account with system administration privileges, e.g your user should be in the sudo group.
#### Prerequisite: Verify the CPU architecture
The package repository offers `amd64`, `arm64`, and `i386` binaries. Verify your operating system is capable of running the binary by inspecting the output of the following commend:
# dpkg --print-architecture
It should output either `amd64`, `arm64`, or `i386`. The repository does not support other CPU architectures.
> **Note on Raspbian:** The package repository does not offer 32-bit ARM architecture (`armhf`) images. You should either [build Tor from source](, or install the version Debian offers.
#### 1. Install `apt-transport-https`
To enable all package managers using the libapt-pkg library to access metadata and packages available in sources accessible over https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).
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