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......@@ -12,9 +12,12 @@ This means that one or many of the following load metrics have been triggered:
- TCP port exhaustion
- DNS timeout reached
If you notice that your relay is overloading please:
Note that if a relay reaches an overloaded state we show it for 72 hours after the relay
has recovered.
1. Check for any known issues in the "network issues" category.
If you notice that your relay is overloaded please:
1. Check for any known issues in the "Tor network" category.
2. Consider tuning ``sysctl`` for your system for network, memory and CPU load.
......@@ -29,7 +32,8 @@ echo 15000 64000 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range
If you are experiencing DNS timeout, you should investigate if this is a network
or a resolver issue.
In resolve.conf there is an option to set a timeout:
In linux in resolve.conf there is an option to set a timeout:
Sets the amount of time the resolver will wait for a response from a remote
......@@ -46,3 +50,118 @@ Check ``$ man resolve.conf`` for more information.
network users. Please take extra precaution and care when opening this port.
Set a very strict access policy with MetricsPortPolicy and consider using your operating
systems firewall features for defense in depth.
Here is an example of what output enabling MetricsPort will produce:
# HELP tor_relay_load_onionskins_total Total number of onionskins handled
# TYPE tor_relay_load_onionskins_total counter
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="tap",action="processed"} 0
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="tap",action="dropped"} 0
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="fast",action="processed"} 0
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="fast",action="dropped"} 0
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="ntor",action="processed"} 0
tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="ntor",action="dropped"} 0
# HELP tor_relay_exit_dns_query_total Total number of DNS queries done by this relay
# TYPE tor_relay_exit_dns_query_total counter
tor_relay_exit_dns_query_total{record="A"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_query_total{record="PTR"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_query_total{record="AAAA"} 0
# HELP tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total Total number of DNS errors encountered by this relay
# TYPE tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total counter
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="success"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="format"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="serverfailed"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="notexist"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="notimpl"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="refused"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="truncated"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="unknown"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="timeout"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="shutdown"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="cancel"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="A",reason="nodata"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="success"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="format"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="serverfailed"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="notexist"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="notimpl"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="refused"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="truncated"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="unknown"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="timeout"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="shutdown"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="cancel"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="PTR",reason="nodata"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="success"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="format"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="serverfailed"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="notexist"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="notimpl"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="refused"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="truncated"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="unknown"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="timeout"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="shutdown"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="cancel"} 0
tor_relay_exit_dns_error_total{record="AAAA",reason="nodata"} 0
# HELP tor_relay_load_tcp_exhaustion_total Total number of times we ran out of TCP ports
# TYPE tor_relay_load_tcp_exhaustion_total counter
tor_relay_load_tcp_exhaustion_total 0
# HELP tor_relay_load_socket_total Total number of sockets
# TYPE tor_relay_load_socket_total gauge
tor_relay_load_socket_total{state="opened"} 135
tor_relay_load_socket_total 1048544
# HELP tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total Total number of bytes the OOM has freed by subsystem
# TYPE tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total counter
tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total{subsys="cell"} 0
tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total{subsys="dns"} 0
tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total{subsys="geoip"} 0
tor_relay_load_oom_bytes_total{subsys="hsdir"} 0
# HELP tor_relay_load_global_rate_limit_reached_total Total number of global connection bucket limit reached
# TYPE tor_relay_load_global_rate_limit_reached_total counter
tor_relay_load_global_rate_limit_reached_total{side="read"} 0
tor_relay_load_global_rate_limit_reached_total{side="write"} 0
Let's find out what some of these lines actually mean:
```tor_relay_load_onionskins_total{type="ntor",action="dropped"} 0```
When a relay starts seeing "dropped", it is a CPU/RAM problem usually.
Any counter in the "*_dns_error_total" realm indicates a DNS problem.
This indicates a RAM problem. The relay might need more RAM or it is leaking memory.
If you noticed that the tor process is leaking memory please report the issue via
either []( or an email to the mailing list.
These lines indicate the relay is running out of sockets or TCP ports.
If the issue is socket related the solution is to increase ``ulimit -n`` for the
tor process
If the solution is related to TCP ports exhaustion try to tune sysctl as described
If this counter is incremented by some noticeable value over a short period
of time then it indicates the relay is congested. It is likely being used as a
Guard by a big onion service or for an ongoing DDoS on the network.
If your relay is still overloaded and you don't know why please get in touch with: [PGP/GPG](
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