Update board members on core and remove board section from about/people

Merged nicob requested to merge nicob-main-patch-34640 into main

Remove the following board profiles that were in the separate board of directions section, and leave their core profiles:

  • Alissa Cooper
  • Chelsea Komlo
  • Dees Chinniah
  • Gabriella Coleman
  • Julius Mittenzwei
  • Kendra Albert
  • Matt Blaze
  • Rabbi Rob Thomas
  • Ramy Raoof

Nighat Dad is the only profile who did not have a core profile, so I made edits to turn their existing one into a core profile (hopefully)

Content updates were made to bios on the following profiles:

  • Dees
  • Julius
  • Kendra
  • Ramy

These amends resolve ticket #241 (closed)

Edited by Gus

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