Commit 98da2ed8 authored by hackhard's avatar hackhard Committed by Barkin Simsek
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Added core file to push websites in db

parent eb8bae0c
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ from captchamonitor.utils.config import Config
from captchamonitor.utils.database import Database
from captchamonitor.utils.exceptions import ConfigInitError, DatabaseInitError
from captchamonitor.core.update_relays import UpdateRelays
from captchamonitor.core.update_website import UpdateWebsite
from captchamonitor.utils.small_scripts import node_id
......@@ -87,6 +88,8 @@ class CaptchaMonitor:
""""Started updating URLs")
UpdateWebsite(config=self.__config, db_session=self.__db_session)
def update_relays(self) -> None:
Updates the list of relays in the database
import logging
from typing import List
from datetime import datetime
import pytz
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker
from captchamonitor.utils.config import Config
from captchamonitor.utils.models import URL
from captchamonitor.utils.website_parser import WebsiteParser
class UpdateWebsite:
FFetches alexa topsites and moz500 website and parses the list of urls in the website and inserts the urls listed there into the
def __init__(
config: Config,
db_session: sessionmaker,
auto_update: bool = True,
) -> None:
Initializes UpdateWebsites
:param config: The config class instance that contains global configuration values
:type config: Config
:param db_session: Database session used to connect to the database
:type db_session: sessionmaker
:param auto_update: Should I update the website list when __init__ is called, defaults to True
:type auto_update: bool
# Private class attributes
self.__db_session: sessionmaker = db_session
self.__logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
self.__config: Config = config
if auto_update:
"Updating the website list using the latest version of the topsites"
"Did not update the website list since less than a day passed since last update"
def __insert_website_into_db(self, website_list: List[str]) -> None:
Inserts given list of websites into the database
:param website_list: List of strings containing websites
:type website_list: List[str]
# Iterate over the websites in consensus file
for website in website_list:
query = self.__db_session.query(URL).filter(URL.url == website)
if query.count() == 0:
# Add new website
db_website = URL(
db_website = query.first()
db_website.updated_at =
db_website.url = website
db_website.supports_http = True
db_website.supports_https = False
db_website.supports_ftp = False
db_website.supports_ipv4 = True
db_website.supports_ipv6 = False
db_website.requires_multiple_requests = True
# Commit changes to the database
self.__logger.debug("Inserted a batch of website into the database")
def update(self) -> None:
Fetches alexa topsites and moz500 website and parses the list of urls in the website.
Later, adds the websites to the database.
website = WebsiteParser()
website_list = list(website.uniq_website_list)
"Done with updating the unique website list of both moz and alexa sites"
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