Commit afaf24ef authored by Barkin Simsek's avatar Barkin Simsek 🐢
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Let Config support .keys() and .values() methods

parent b33f51c2
import os import os
import logging import logging
from typing import Any, Optional from typing import Any, KeysView, Optional, ValuesView
from captchamonitor.version import __version__ from captchamonitor.version import __version__
from captchamonitor.utils.exceptions import ConfigInitError from captchamonitor.utils.exceptions import ConfigInitError
...@@ -82,3 +82,9 @@ class Config: ...@@ -82,3 +82,9 @@ class Config:
def __repr__(self) -> Any: def __repr__(self) -> Any:
return repr(self.__dict__) return repr(self.__dict__)
def keys(self) -> KeysView[str]:
return self.__dict__.keys()
def values(self) -> ValuesView[Any]:
return self.__dict__.values()
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