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Annotate Makefile and set the correct python version for CI

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# #
# #
image: python:latest image: python:3.9
tests: tests:
stage: test stage: test
...@@ -25,21 +25,26 @@ logs: ...@@ -25,21 +25,26 @@ logs:
docker-compose logs --tail=100 captchamonitor cm-worker cm-update docker-compose logs --tail=100 captchamonitor cm-worker cm-update
init: check_root init: check_root
@echo "\e[93m>> Creating .env file\e[0m"
rm -f .env rm -f .env
cp .env.example .env cp .env.example .env
apt install python3-pip mypy -qqy @echo "\n\e[93m>> Installing requirements\e[0m"
pip3 install darglint black pylint isort sphinx sphinx-autodoc-typehints pip3 install -q --upgrade --force-reinstall -r requirements.txt
make build @echo "\n\e[93m>> Building Docker images\e[0m"
# make build
@echo "\n\e[92m>> Done!\e[0m"
docs: check_non_root FORCE docs: check_non_root FORCE
@echo "\e[93m>> Installing the package\e[0m"
pip3 install -e src/ pip3 install -e src/
@echo "\n\e[93m>> Generating documentation from docstrings\e[0m"
sphinx-apidoc -o ./docs/sphinx/ ./src/captchamonitor/ sphinx-apidoc -o ./docs/sphinx/ ./src/captchamonitor/
@echo "\n\e[93m>> Building the documentation\e[0m"
sphinx-build -b html ./docs/sphinx/ public sphinx-build -b html ./docs/sphinx/ public
@echo "\n\e[92m>> Done!\e[0m"
check: check_non_root check: check_non_root
@echo "\n\e[93m>> Installing requirements\e[0m" @echo "\e[93m>> Running isort\e[0m"
pip3 install -q -r requirements.txt
@echo "\n\e[93m>> Running isort\e[0m"
isort --profile black . isort --profile black .
@echo "\n\e[93m>> Running black\e[0m" @echo "\n\e[93m>> Running black\e[0m"
black --line-length 88 $$(find * -name '*.py' 2>&1 | grep -v 'Permission denied') black --line-length 88 $$(find * -name '*.py' 2>&1 | grep -v 'Permission denied')
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