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Pin library versions in the requirements file

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# app # app
sqlalchemy<1.4.0 sqlalchemy<1.4.0
sqlalchemy-utils sqlalchemy-utils>=0.37.4
psycopg2-binary psycopg2-binary>=2.8.6
selenium selenium>=3.141.0
stem>=1.8.0 stem>=1.8.0
schedule schedule>=1.1.0
pytz pytz>=2021.1
docker docker>=5.0.0
port_for port-for>=0.6.1
country_converter country-converter>=0.7.3
beautifulsoup4 beautifulsoup4>=4.9.3
# dev/tests # dev/tests
pytest pytest>=6.2.4
pytest-rerunfailures pytest-rerunfailures>=10.0
pytest-icdiff pytest-icdiff>=0.5
pytest-cov pytest-cov>=2.12.0
pytest-mock pytest-mock>=3.6.1
freezegun freezegun>=1.1.0
mypy mypy==0.800
pylint pylint>=2.8.3
black black>=21.5b2
isort isort>=5.8.0
darglint darglint>=1.8.0
\ No newline at end of file sphinx>=4.0.2
\ No newline at end of file
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