Educational materials about Tor and onion routing

    Last update: March 2021.

    Title Author Comments Source Language
    Exploring the Tor network (poster) Article19 A tabloid containing an amazing graphic about the Tor network. Part of the book How the Internet really works. PDF / Website English
    Understanding and Circumventing Network Censorship Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) This resource is part of Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) guides maintained by EFF. Website Multiple idioms
    How to: Use Tor Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Website: Linux, macOS, Windows Multiple idioms
    What's fingerprinting? Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Surveillance Self-Defense article explaining web browser fingerprinting and how Tor Browser protects you. Website Multiple idioms
    Evadir la censura y la vigilancia con Tor Código Sur Website Spanish
    How to bypass internet censorship Totem Project An online course that teach how to use anti-censorship tools Website Multiple idioms
    Use Tor Browser to Become Harder to Trace Security Planner Website
    Currícula de capacitación en seguridad digital holística para defensoras de derechos humanos Cibermujeres - Website Spanish
    Cómo usar Tor Browser en tu computadora Venezuela Inteligente Guide explaining how to use Tor Browser and Tor bridges Website Spanish

    Outdated material

    Title Author Comments Source Language
    Security in a box Tactical Tech Outdated at the moment. Website Multiple idioms
    Digital Safety Trainers Safesisters There's a small error:"...and this worsens when one’s connections are for-warded through countries like China and Brazil among others." PDF English
    Level Up - Outdated. Website English
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