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    various bugfixes and updates · 3b5191d3
    Roger Dingledine authored
    redo all the config files for the new format (we'll redo them again soon)
    fix (another! yuck) segfault in log_fn when input is too large
    tor_tls_context_new() returns -1 for error, not NULL
    fix segfault in check_conn_marked() on conn's that die during tls handshake
    make ORs also initialize conn from router when we're the receiving node
    make non-dirserver ORs upload descriptor to every dirserver on startup
    add our local address to the descriptor
    add Content-Length field to POST command
    revert the Content-Length search in fetch_from_buf_http() to previous code
    fix segfault in memmove in fetch_from_buf_http()
    raise maximum allowed headers/body size in directory.c