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    Reject obsolete router/extrainfo descs more quietly. · ca6ccd37
    Nick Mathewson authored
    Thanks to proposal 315 / ticket #30132, more fields are now
    required in these documents.  But ancient Tors that try to upload
    obsolete documents were causing the authorities to log warnings
    about missing fields, and to do so very spammily.
    We now detect the missing fields before tokenizing, and log at
    debug.  This is a bit of ugliness, but it's probably a safer choice
    than making _all_ unparseable-desc warnings into debug-level logs.
    I'm looking at identity-ed25519 in extrainfos and proto in
    routerdescs because they were (I believe) the latest-added fields in
    Tor's history: any Tor that lacks them will also lack the other
    newly required fields.
    Fixes bug #40238; bugfix on
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