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    Integrated onion proxy into or/ · d9829255
    Roger Dingledine authored
    The 'or' process can now be told (by the global_role variable) what
    roles this server should play -- connect to all ORs, listen for ORs,
    listen for OPs, listen for APs, or any combination.
    * everything in /src/op/ is now obsolete.
    * connection_ap.c now handles all interactions with application proxies
    * "port" is now or_port, op_port, ap_port. But routers are still always
      referenced (say, in conn_get_by_addr_port()) by addr / or_port. We
      should make routers.c actually read these new ports (currently I've
      kludged it so op_port = or_port+10, ap_port=or_port+20)
    * circuits currently know if they're at the beginning of the path because
      circ->cpath is set. They use this instead for crypts (both ways),
      if it's set.
    * I still obey the "send a 0 back to the AP when you're ready" protocol,
      but I think we should phase it out. I can simply not read from the AP
      socket until I'm ready.
    I need to do a lot of cleanup work here, but the code appears to work, so
    now's a good time for a checkin.