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    3088 filter incomplete locales on release builds (#7581) · 93122b61
    Severin Rudie authored
    * For #3088: add translation pruning Py scripts from Focus
    The only change made was updating "Focus/Klar" to "Fenix"
    * For 3088: call translation pruning scripts during release builds
    * For 3088: fix filter-release-translations.py
    Moving it into Fenix introduced one additional layer of nesting, which was not accounted for in a relative path.  🤦
    * For 3088: comment about the risks of modifying source
    * For 3088: updated locales.py to read from l10n.toml
    Also removed some previously unused properties from locales.py
    * For 3088: added error handling to script in locales.py
    * For 3088: updated locale parser per review comments