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Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Research
    Any issue that needs more research and could get some help from contributors.
  • Sponsor 84
    Onion Guides
  • Sponsor 61
    Scalability - Making the Tor network faster & more reliable for users in Internet-repressive places
  • BugSmashFund
    All tickets which work can be supported through the Bug Smash Fund Campaign.
  • Needs Review
    Needs review of code or design or proposal.
  • Needs Information
    This ticket needs more information from the reporter to continue.
  • Blocked
    Issues that are blocked by other work/issue. Please add a comment to the issue when marking it with this label.
  • Backport
    Any tickets that needs to be backported
  • User Feedback
    Any issue that is feedback from users
  • Network-health
    Any issue (outside Network Health group) related to the health of the network
  • Documentation
    Anything that needs documentation.
  • Community
    It needs work related to community
  • Anti-Censorship
    It needs work related to censorship circumvention
  • First Contribution
  • Core
    Any issue (outside Core group) that needs attention from Network people.
  • Browser
    Any issue (outside the Applications group) that need work from the Applications team.
  • Feature
    A new cool feature or idea
  • Bug
    A possible bug and how to reproduce it
  • Merge Ready
    The code from this issue is ready to be merged.
  • Sponsor 55
    Improving the Tor network’s IPv6 support