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Update testing instructions

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......@@ -131,14 +131,4 @@ repository directory:
pip install -e .[test]
This should install tox and pytest.
Since my development environment has Python 3.5 and tox is only configured to
test 3.5, both the `tox` and `pytest` commands have the same result. Once sbws
gets properly open source, Travis should run tox with a variety of Python 3.X
To run the tests, run `pytest`. To generate HTML output of test coverage, run
`pytest --cov --cov-report=html`. A `htmlcov` directory will be created in
current working directory. Open it in a web browser and prepare to be amazed.
It will highlight (un)covered lines! How cool is that?!
This should install tox and pytest. Then simply run `tox`.
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