Commit 58b86c42 authored by Matt Traudt's avatar Matt Traudt
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Make config notice missing keys ...

remove unused key tor_control_socket
remove duplicate key started_filepath in scanner section
parent 95c4a3b4
......@@ -145,10 +145,12 @@ def _validate_paths(conf):
sec = 'paths'
err_tmpl = Template('$sec/$key ($val): $e')
unvalidated_keys = [
'datadir', 'sbws_home', 'v3bw_fname', 'tor_control_socket',
'datadir', 'sbws_home', 'v3bw_fname',
all_valid_keys = unvalidated_keys
errors.extend(_validate_section_keys(conf, sec, all_valid_keys, err_tmpl))
allow_missing = ['sbws_home']
errors.extend(_validate_section_keys(conf, sec, all_valid_keys, err_tmpl,
return errors
......@@ -171,7 +173,7 @@ def _validate_scanner(conf):
'download_max': {'minimum': 0.001, 'maximum': None},
all_valid_keys = list(ints.keys()) + list(floats.keys()) + \
['nickname', 'started_filepath']
errors.extend(_validate_section_keys(conf, sec, all_valid_keys, err_tmpl))
errors.extend(_validate_section_ints(conf, sec, ints, err_tmpl))
errors.extend(_validate_section_floats(conf, sec, floats, err_tmpl))
......@@ -260,13 +262,21 @@ def _validate_destinations(conf):
return errors
def _validate_section_keys(conf, sec, keys, tmpl):
def _validate_section_keys(conf, sec, keys, tmpl, allow_missing=None):
if allow_missing is None:
allow_missing = []
errors = []
section = conf[sec]
# Find keys that exist in the user's config that are not known
for key in section:
if key not in keys:
sec=sec, key=key, val=section[key], e='Unknown key'))
# Find keys that don't exist in the user's config that should
for key in keys:
if key not in section and key not in allow_missing:
sec=sec, key=key, val='[NOT SET]', e='Missing key'))
return errors
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