Commit 8051e29e authored by juga's avatar juga Committed by Matt Traudt
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Fix generator started timestamp format

parent f7c433c1
''' Measure the relays. '''
from datetime import datetime
from ..lib.circuitbuilder import GapsCircuitBuilder as CB
from ..lib.resultdump import ResultDump
from ..lib.resultdump import ResultSuccess, ResultErrorCircuit
......@@ -10,6 +8,7 @@ from ..lib.relaylist import RelayList
from ..lib.relayprioritizer import RelayPrioritizer
from ..lib.destination import DestinationList
from ..util.filelock import FileLock
from ..util.timestamp import now_isodt_str
# from ..util.simpleauth import authenticate_to_server
# from ..util.sockio import (make_socket, close_socket)
from sbws.globals import (fail_hard, is_initted)
......@@ -283,9 +282,7 @@ def write_start_ts(conf):
:param ConfigParser conf: configuration
# Using naive object, without timezone, since all datetimes are assumed
# to be always in UTC.
generator_started = datetime.utcnow().replace(microsecond=0).isoformat()
generator_started = now_isodt_str()'Scanner started at {}'.format(generator_started))
filepath = conf['paths']['started_filepath']
with FileLock(filepath):
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