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fix: scripts: Stop changing version in __init__

Since it is now done by `versioneer`.
parent 58f71fab
......@@ -9,8 +9,7 @@ It will:
1. Ask which version to release
2. Update the changelog automatically with ``gitchangelog``
and leave the option to user to manually edit it
3. Modify the program version to release version,
commit it and commit changelog
3. Commit the changelog
4. Create a version with the tag and sign it
5. Push the commit and tag to the repository
6. Obtain the release tarball
......@@ -21,7 +20,6 @@ It will:
All in sequence and doesn't recover from any previous step.
It assumes that:
- the program version is in ````
- gitchangelog and semantic_version are installed
- the next prerelease version is the release version + "-dev0"
- the official tarball releases are at
......@@ -66,15 +64,6 @@ def obtain_release_version(version):
def replace_version(old_version, new_version):
with open(sbws.__file__, 'r+') as f:
text =
text = re.sub(str(old_version), str(new_version), text)
def obtain_next_prerelease_version(release_version):
# Assuming that we are only jumping from release to `-dev0`
next_prerelease_version = semantic_version.Version(
......@@ -112,12 +101,9 @@ def main(args):
print("\nRemoving the tag...")['git', 'tag', '-d', 'v{}'.format(release_version)])
print("\n3. Modify program version")
print("\n3. Commit the changelog")
print("\nReplacing version with the release version...")
replace_version(current_version, release_version)
print("\nCommiting and CHANGELOG.rst...")
print("\nCommiting CHANGELOG.rst...")['git', 'commit',
'-am', '"Release version {}."'.format(release_version)])
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