Commit f0437bf0 authored by juga's avatar juga
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Add statistics in the header before scaling too

It can be the case that after selecting the results to consider
and before scaling, there is not any. In this case the statistics
should also be written in the header.
parent ec43211f
......@@ -491,7 +491,14 @@ class V3BWFile(object):
if line is not None:
if not bw_lines_raw:"There are not enough raw results to apply any scaling.")"After applying restrictions to the raw results, "
"there is not any. Scaling can not be applied.")
if num_net_relays is not None:
statsd, success = cls.measured_progress_stats(bw_lines_raw,
num_net_relays, state_fpath)
if not success:
bw_lines = []
return cls(header, [])
if scaling_method == SBWS_SCALING:
bw_lines = cls.bw_sbws_scale(bw_lines_raw, scale_constant)
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