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fix: doc: Add differences between Torflow and sbws

Closes #33871.
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......@@ -385,6 +385,42 @@ Per relay scaled bandwidth rounding
Finally, the new scaled bandwidth is expressed in kilobytes and rounded a number
of digits.
Differences between Torflow aggregation and sbws scaling (May 2020)
Torflow does not exclude relays because of having "few" measurements or "close"
to each other for that relay.
If there are not new measurements for a relay, Torflow uses the previous
calculated bandwidth, instead of the new value::
# If there is a new sample, let's use it for all but guards
if n.measured_at > prev_votes.vote_map[n.idhex].measured_at:
# Reset values. Don't vote/sample this measurement round.
The oldest measurements Toflow seems to take are from 4 weeks ago, while sbws
oldest measurements are 5 days old::
GUARD_SAMPLE_RATE = 2*7*24*60*60 # 2wks
# old measurements are probably
# better than no measurements. We may not
# measure hibernating routers for days.
# This filter is just to remove REALLY old files
if time.time() - timestamp > MAX_AGE:
.. _README.spec.txt:
.. _PID Controller:
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