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- `tests/unit/` simple little tests that don't require Tor to be running
- `tests/integration/` more complex tests and/or tests that require Tor to be running
- `tests/testnets/` scripts and code for running mini Tor networks locally
## The `.sbws` directory
By default is `~/.sbws`.
In this directory you will find
- `datadir/` Once your sbws scanner has started gathering results, it will dump
them into this directory. Other sbws commands (such as generate and stats)
read results from the files in this directory.
- `log/` If configured, this directory stores logs generated by all the sbws
commands in rotating log files.
- `v3bw/` This directory stores the v3bw files created with `sbws generate`.
- `state.dat` A file for storing state needed between sbws commands. See its
documentation for more information.
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