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Add functions to convert timestamp formats

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"""Util functions to convert between timestamp formats"""
from datetime import datetime
def dt_obj_to_isodt_str(dt):
Convert datetime object to ISO 8601 string.
:param datetime dt: datetime object in UTC timezone
:returns: ISO 8601 string
assert isinstance(dt, datetime)
# Using naive datetime object without timezone, assumed utc
return dt.replace(microsecond=0).isoformat()
def unixts_to_dt_obj(unixts):
Convert unix timestamp to naive datetime object in UTC time zone.
:param float/int/str unixts: unix timestamp
:returns: datetime object in UTC timezone
if isinstance(unixts, str):
unixts = int(unixts)
except ValueError as e:
unixts = float(unixts)
if isinstance(unixts, float):
unixts = int(unixts)
assert isinstance(unixts, int)
return datetime.utcfromtimestamp(unixts)
def unixts_to_isodt_str(unixts):
Convert unix timestamp to ISO 8601 string in UTC time zone.
:param float/int/str unixts: unix timestamp
:returns: ISO 8601 string in UTC time zone
return dt_obj_to_isodt_str(unixts_to_dt_obj(unixts))
def now_isodt_str():
"""Return datetime now as ISO 8601 string in UTC time zone."""
return dt_obj_to_isodt_str(datetime.utcnow())
def unixts_to_str(unixts):
"""Convert unix timestamp integer or float to string"""
# even if it is only converting to str, ensure that input is nothing else
# than int or float
assert isinstance(unixts, int) or isinstance(unixts, float)
return str(unixts)
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