Commit 317d16de authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨
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Increase the minimum value for the Fast flag to 4096.

Fix for 8145.
parent 8be7f69f
o Major bugfixes (security, directory authority):
- When computing directory thresholds, ignore any rejected-as-sybil
nodes during the computation so that they can't influence Fast,
Guard, etc. Fixes bug 8146.
Guard, etc. Fixes bug 8146.
- When computing thresholds for flags, never let the threshold for
the Fast flag to 4096 bytes. Fixes bug 8145.
......@@ -1986,9 +1986,12 @@ dirserv_compute_performance_thresholds(routerlist_t *rl,
/* We can vote on a parameter for the minimum and maximum. */
int32_t min_fast, max_fast;
min_fast = networkstatus_get_param(NULL, "FastFlagMinThreshold",
0, 0, INT32_MAX);
max_fast = networkstatus_get_param(NULL, "FastFlagMaxThreshold",
INT32_MAX, min_fast, INT32_MAX);
if (fast_bandwidth < (uint32_t)min_fast)
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