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    Replace nearly all XXX0vv comments with smarter ones · 4f1a04ff
    Nick Mathewson authored
    So, back long ago, XXX012 meant, "before Tor 0.1.2 is released, we
    had better revisit this comment and fix it!"
    But we have a huge pile of such comments accumulated for a large
    number of released versions!  Not cool.
    So, here's what I tried to do:
      * 0.2.9 and 0.2.8 are retained, since those are not yet released.
      * XXX+ or XXX++ or XXX++++ or whatever means, "This one looks
        quite important!"
      * The others, after one-by-one examination, are downgraded to
        plain old XXX.  Which doesn't mean they aren't a problem -- just
        that they cannot possibly be a release-blocking problem.