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    Write a bunch of module documentation. · aae034d1
    Nick Mathewson authored
    This commit adds or improves the module-level documenation for:
      buffers.c circuitstats.c command.c connection_edge.c control.c
      cpuworker.c crypto_curve25519.c crypto_curve25519.h
      crypto_ed25519.c crypto_format.c dircollate.c dirserv.c dns.c
      dns_structs.h fp_pair.c geoip.c hibernate.c keypin.c ntmain.c
      onion.c onion_fast.c onion_ntor.c onion_tap.c periodic.c
      protover.c protover.h reasons.c rephist.c replaycache.c
      routerlist.c routerparse.c routerset.c statefile.c status.c
      tor_main.c workqueue.c
    In particular, I've tried to explain (for each documented module)
    what each module does, what's in it, what the big idea is, why it
    belongs in Tor, and who calls it.  In a few cases, I've added TODO
    notes about refactoring opportunities.
    I've also renamed an argument, and fixed a few DOCDOC comments.