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    Modify UI/UX · f52dc9a2
    Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
    Bug 40015: Modify Home menu
    Bug 40016: Hide unwanted Settings
    Bug 40016: Modify Default toolbar menu
    Bug 40016: Add Donate settings button
    Bug 40016: Move Allow Screenshots under Advanced
    Bug 40016: Don't install WebCompat webext
    Bug 40016: Don't onboard Search Suggestions
    Bug 40094: Do not use MasterPasswordTipProvider in HomeFragment
    Bug 40095: Hide "Sign in to sync" in bookmarks
    Bug 40031: Hide Mozilla-specific items on About page
    Bug 40032: Set usesCleartextTraffic as false
    Bug 40063: Do not sort search engines alphabetically
    Bug 34378: Port external helper app prompting
    With the corresponding android-components patch, this allows all `startActivity`
    that may open external apps to be replaced by `TorUtils.startActivityPrompt`.
    Bug 34403: Disable Normal mode by default
    Bug 40087: Implement a switch for english locale spoofing