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    Use binutils 2.24, and Ubuntu-12.04 for Windows builds · 7f083aad
    boklm authored
    To be closer to what we currently have in gitian, use binutils 2.24.
    We also change tho OS to Ubuntu 12.04 for Windows builds, except for the
    tor-browser bundle step, where we are staying with 14.10. We are using
    14.10 in the tor-browser step because the version of python-pefile we
    use fails on Ubuntu 12.04. The reason for using a recent version of
    python-pefile is that the older versions don't work on x86_64. And we
    are using an x86_64 container because docker does not support i386
    containers. The problem is not present in gitian where we are using an
    i386 VM. An other possible solution could be to build a recent version
    of python.