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Bug 40060: Define versionName in Fenix build

In addition, we delete the hard-coded Fenix specific `version` and we
use `abbrev`, instead.
parent 13a9ee60
......@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@ cp $rootdir/[% c('input_files_by_name/tor-android-service') %]/* app/
exit 1
$GRADLE_HOME/gradle-6.5.1/bin/gradle --offline --no-daemon -Dmaven.repo.local=$gradle_repo app:assemble[% c('variant') %] -x lint
version_name='[% c("var/torbrowser_version") %] ([% c("var/fenix_version") %]-[% c("variant") %])'
$GRADLE_HOME/gradle-6.5.1/bin/gradle --offline --no-daemon -PversionName="$version_name" -Dmaven.repo.local=$gradle_repo app:assemble[% c('variant') %] -x lint
# XXX We need the build variant in lower case. Do something smarter here.
v=[% c("variant") %]
cp app/build/outputs/apk/${v,}/*.apk $distdir/[% project %]
# vim: filetype=yaml sw=2
version: 10.0a6
version: '[% c("abbrev") %]'
filename: 'fenix-[% c("version") %]-[% c("var/build_id") %].tar.gz'
git_hash: 'tor-browser-[% c("var/fenix_version") %]-[% c("var/torbrowser_branch") %]-1-build1'
......@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ targets:
git_hash: 'tor-browser-[% c("var/fenix_version") %]-[% c("var/torbrowser_branch") %]-1'
tag_gpg_id: 0
version: '[% c("abbrev") %]'
variant: Beta
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