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Bug 40108: Package tooling-glean-gradle archive, too

parent e9590246
......@@ -60,10 +60,13 @@ patch -p1 < $rootdir/40085.patch
gradle $gradle_args assembleGeckoBeta -x lint
gradle $gradle_args publish
find components -regex '.*[0-9].\(aar\|pom\)' -exec cp --parents {} $distdir \;
# We only need the archives and .pom files for now.
find components -regex '.*[% c('var/android_components_version') %].\(aar\|jar\|pom\)' -exec cp --parents {} $distdir \;
# Package
cd $distdir
# Package just the maven directory structure for easier replacement of
# Mozilla's android-components.
find components -type d -name maven -exec cp -rf {} [% project %] \;
[% c('tar', {
tar_src => [ project ],
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