1. 23 Jun, 2018 4 commits
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  4. 19 Jun, 2018 2 commits
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      Bug 23561: Fix NSIS builds for Windows 64 · 951b1a7e
      Sukhbir Singh authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      This commit adds support for building the 64-bit version of NSIS, and
      also bumps the version to 3.03. Doing this enables us to build MAR files
      in a 64-bit container for the 64-bit version of Tor Browser; see bug
      26363 and bug 24477.
      The pe_checksum_fix.py doesn't work in a 64-bit container with the
      bundled python-pefile version so we build its latest version to fix this
      issue. This change is borrowed from commit bb32ec91 and updates
      python-pefile to 2017.11.5.
      The Debian package and the patches are no longer required as all changes
      were merged upstream in 3.01-1. (See the nsis changelog in Debian.)
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      Bug 26362: Use old MAR format for update file creation · befc4910
      Georg Koppen authored
      Mozilla switched from Bzip2 to LZMA as compression algorithm for MAR
      files during th Firefox 56. That means esr52-based Tor Browsers don't
      understand LZMA yet. Thus, we still use Bzip2 for the first esr60-based
      MAR files and switch afterwards to LZMA.
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      Bug 24632: Adapt firefox and tor-browser to new macOS toolchain · e76952c3
      Georg Koppen authored
      After building Firefox we now get a 'Tor Browser.app' instead of a
      'TorBrowser.app'. This patch makes sure the additional whitespace in the
      app name is correctly handled by the build script and the one that deals
      with packaging the final bundle.
      We need to ship a fix for the Firefox packaging step as well as
      |./mach package| wants to build the final .dmg in that step, too, which
      breaks: there is no .dmg creation tool available. Setting
      `INNER_MAKE_PACKAGE` to `true` does not seem to work anymore. That part
      of this patch is currently only a workaround to get the nightly builds
      going. We should come up with a better solution that allows us to skip
      that part of the Firefox packaging step on all supported platforms.