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Make BridgeDB export internal metrics.

Philipp Winter requested to merge phw/bridgedb:enhancement/31422 into develop

BridgeDB already exports usage metrics that help us understand how our users interact with BridgeDB. This commit adds internal metrics, which shed light on BridgeDB's internals. In particular, we add the following internal metrics:

  • Number of bridges per distributor subring.

  • Number of empty responses per distributor.

  • Number of IPv4/IPv6 handouts.

  • Descriptive statistics on the number of bridge handouts (min, max, median, quartile 1, quartile 3, upper whisker, lower whisker).

  • Number of unique bridges that were handed out.

This patch fixes #31422 (closed) and also bumps BridgeDB's metrics format to version 2.

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