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    Reduce default cache timeout to 18 hours. · 0db35d80
    Philipp Winter authored
    It's important that bridgestrap's cache timeout is less than or equal to
    rdsys's pluggable transport expiry time.  If bridgestrap expires cache
    entries after 24 hours and rdsys wants to re-test bridges after 18
    hours, then there's a worst case of a 6 hour window within which
    bridgestrap will refuse to re-test rdsys's bridges because they're still
    in the cache.  Rdsys will keep bothering bridgestrap because it wants a
    more recent test result.
    This patch reduces bridgestrap's default cache timeout to 18 hours,
    which is the number of hours after which bridges should re-upload their
    descriptors to the bridge authority:
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